You need to know:

• planning/zoning restrictions

• the site conditions

• time lines for design

• permitting and construction


You need to know the total estimated cost of a project before you begin.


The information in our site investigations will help determine the profitability of any site and whether you should pursue the site for development.


Our accurate site investigation and feasibility reports give you sound data for profitable decision-making.


Covering all types of construction needs no matter how big or small. Our team has worked with various clients to complete new build construction, rebuild & remodel enhancements, multi-unit roll-out programs and nationwide facility maintenance.


Our well versed company, with over 16  years of experience, will accommodate your needs from any point of the construction process. NCM will take your project from start to finish, or pick up at any point in the process where you may need assistance.


NCM will guide your project to success.

• site evaluation

• budget preparation

• contractor selection

• project kick-off

• construction complete to warranty walks


We will work with your design and architectural teams to enhance your building experience, or we can provide a list of established and credited firms to aid in your design process.

Let NCM be your eyes and ears in the field and manage your concept to fruition. NCM will work with your construction division or provide the client with an outside project management team that is dedicated and strives to exceed expectations. You will achieve cost savings on every project through NCM’s professional bid procedure, which invites qualified general contractors to bid for your project.


Assistance beyond your typical construction needs.

Working with clients to establish preventative maintenance or facility programs for regional and nationwide brands as well as handling facility/construction one off projects. Our experience covers a broad range for all types of restaurant and retail development. We can develop tracking tools or work with the clients established tracking program to help maintain a program’s focus.


Design, engineering, landlord approval, city planning approval and permitting play an important role in development.


Obtaining permits without delay takes knowledge, experience, coordination and communication – the hallmarks of our firm.


We understand permitting.

We know how to navigate and save time and money.

Providing comprehensive Architectural/Engineering services for a wide variety of retail commercial building programs, from national roll out programs to single site remodels.




Multi-site roll out programs

Ground- up new builds

Tenant Improvements






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